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"Resident audiences at The Mather in Evanston have enjoyed Elise Dalleska's performances on several occasions. Elise performs with her violin alone or with other musicians depending on the interests of the audience. Groups she works with complement her style and please the audience with their music. Elise is as lovely to watch as her music is to enjoy."

"Elise's classes made learning music fun, memorable, and extremely rewarding. I've found that the lessons and habits that she taught me are applicable to endeavors unrelated to my music education and have improved my long-term critical thinking skills, work ethic, and desire to learn. We played everything from classic music to pop songs, and she even picked up the electric violin in order to cater to my interests! One of my favorite moments was when we played Christmas songs in the subway together."



"A few years ago, we were in a pinch to find musicians for a large public event. Coalesce Duo was recommended to us by a colleague, and has been our go-to musical group ever since. Not only do they adapt their performance to our seasonal festival themes, they personally engage our visitors in the performance experience. Children are invited to share their musical knowledge and even play an instrument, attendees are welcome to request tunes, and everyone winds up tapping their toes to the beat. They’re the perfect fit for our musical entertainment needs.


PS – You ain’t heard nothing until you’ve heard their rendition of Kashmir"

R uby

Elise is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She always makes sure you're engaged and will make sure to teach to the type of learner that you are. She also lets you play a variety of music from classical to jazz to pop. Not only is Elise an amazing teacher to me but she has become a part of my family.

Shari (Ruby's mom)

My children have been with Elise from the time they were five years old, and they are now 16 and 13. They always look forward to their violin lesson with Elise because she makes them feel special and unique as a musician. She respects each child's learning style and takes each child from where they are musically and develops them into accomplished musicians.


"My family looks forward to hearing Elise play the violin at family events held at the North Park Nature Center. My daughter, a young violinist has been inspired by Elise’s music and nurturing spirit."

"We were honored to have Elise’s beautiful violin music enhance Emily and Tyler’s lovely wedding ceremony at the gorgeous St. Joseph Church ICSJ. The ceremony and music were recorded, so they will be appreciated forever."


"As an adult violin student it is very important to have a teacher who will understand my needs of learning how to play a violin on specific level. Customized lessons, personal pick of music—that’s what I received from Elise. The professionalism, that I get every single time helps me to discover more passion for the instrument. Our weekly meetings are not only a volcano of new knowledge but also gardening of wonderful friendship. Playing music together makes my days and brings brighter smiles on my face!"



"Elise and her ensemble have performed for several of our events including family themed parties and corporate events. The performances add a wonderful ambiance to the events that I highly recommend including when planning a party. She is organized, professional, and her style is flexible to meet our entertainment/musical needs."

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