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Everyone deserves music with their meal

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"Everyone, sooner or later, comes upon difficult times. I feel grateful to be able to enjoy live music that sounds so beautiful." - Kitchen Music guest

Kitchen Music

Small things can be easy to take for granted—a meal, a place to relax, music. These seemingly small things can make a huge difference in our lives. Kitchen Music is based on the belief that everyone, regardless of background, should have access to beautiful music. 

Founded in 2017 by violinist Elise Dalleska, Kitchen Music has reached more than 4,000 guests, staff, and volunteers who prepare and serve meals at Chicagoland soup kitchens and bag lunches. Kitchen Music delivers live violin performances that feature classical, folk, and pop/rock music, with guest performers from the Lyric Opera orchestra and Lakeside Singers.

Help us bring music to those in need
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 Kitchen Music presents 2-3 live violin performances every month at Chicagoland soup kitchens and bag lunch locations, including:

  • Bag lunch at Fourth Presbyterian Church

  • Tuesday night dinners at Soup at Six

  • Friday night dinner at Marjorie Kovler Center

  • Lunch at Sarah's Circle

Our Mission

Kitchen Music presents live violin concerts to guests, staff, and volunteers at Chicagoland soup kitchens. We believe all people, regardless of socio-economic status, deserve access to the joy, community, and therapeutic benefits that professional live music provides. We aspire to build relationships with the underserved in our communities and to create beautiful music to uplift those in need.

Perspectives from Kitchen Music Guests

Support Kitchen Music

​Humans need music. It can inspire hope, comfort the heart, and make the impossible feel possible. The guests at soup kitchens and bag lunches might be the most deserving and underserved audience in our society. Kitchen Music begins to fill this need.

Your support helps cover the financial costs of Kitchen Music performances ($150 covers one performance).  We greatly appreciate any donation, large or small, to help bring more music to people who need it most.


"The music changes the atmosphere. It helps me think differently ... opens new doors for me." - Kitchen Music guest

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