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Elise Dalleska

Connecting children, families, and seniors with their world through the transformative power of music.


You know the moment it happens. You gather with loved ones, or arrive at a party, and then ... the music starts. The right music can make a memory. That's what Chicago music ensembles Azurite and Coalesce bring to their audiences. Intimate, personal performances in a range of styles (classical to popular), at venues including:

  • Senior residences

  • Weddings

  • Private events

  • Community performances


violin + viola          individual + workshops

Music creates joy in every part of our lives. In lessons, you will discover the music that makes you feel most alive. Whether you're picking up the violin for the first time, or continuing your studies, you will build foundational techniques and grow a love for music that lasts. 

violin lessons

M eet Elise

Elise is a violinist and teacher who believes music connects us more powerfully with our world, community, and each other. She has performed with artists ranging from Pierre Boulez to Mary J. Blige, and brings award-winning expertise and genuine passion to audiences and students of all ages.

Elise Dalleska violinist and teacher in Chicago


"On top of sound technique, my child grew a love for violin that will keep him motivated to pursue music all of his life."

- Janet

Elise Dalleska testimonial
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